Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The whole year.

Wow it's 2014.
This class has been so much fun to have, it was so much different than other classes I have taken in the past. This class helped me on more than one thing art wise. I can't name them all off the top of my head. But lets just say I can shade a bit better than I did before I came into this class. And it's not just the projects I liked, It's the people I got to talk to and pal around with in the class. The artwork I have seen from my other classmates it just so amazing. It makes me want to do so much in the Artists world. I honestly cannot wait until I take another class like this again in the next few years or so. All together, this class was fun, entertaining, intelligent and colorful. I'm really glad I had this class this year. Can't wait to have it again soon.

Box of the past

This box, the ideas came to me one by one. Almost all of it was a careful plan, and it came to all of this. The design to not meant to mean much but to show off and be flashy. The entire this is just bits and pieces of my mind put into one thing. The things I put into this box are not exactly meaningful but memorable. I put in a picture of my friends and I. This one was difficult because in y friends case it's hard to stand still and take a picture. I also put a movie ticket in the box, it was a lovely movie. We both went out to hang out some more afterwards. I wrote to myself saying "If you leave the stove on while you leave the house, you owe yourself five bucks". The letter was mostly questions. Me and my friends at my table also wrote each other small notes and but them in out boxes to read later if life. The whole process of putting items into the box were hard because for me, there just wasn't much to pick from. It was quite the shame. But still very fun to do as a project.