Thursday, January 23, 2014

Fortune Cookies

I have to admit. This art project I was more true to myself. I go to listen to what my mind wanted to do and I just jotted it down and it all came into one big drawing. Many of the Fortunes I got applied to me in many ways. And I also got to add that do the drawing, I also got to add up all of my lucky numbers and and just put it into the drawing. My work comes off of all of the fortunes put into one. And combine them with the meaning from the fortune. The future. The Future is willing and waiting and it's my choice and no one can tell me how to spend it. Truly, I think my future aura is green and blue. The main colors of my project. And I think that this art fits my future and more.

Art x 3 = Creativity

This has to be one of the most unique projects I have ever done it an art class. My first piece of art I don't even remember what it looks like or the color scheme. But I remember I tried to put heart into it. When we had to give up the first part of this project I was a bit upset, I was getting quite attached to it. But when I got my second piece I realized I'd have to take this a different angle then the first one. It was a bit incomplete and barely had any work put into it. I could not do much to this but I could help it just a bit. (It was kinda suffering). I didn't really make it much better then before. Just added more pictures. Then the last part was most difficult, I felt like I lost most of my creative side and felt like I was getting sidetracked with this part of the project. I was not happy with the outcome, I think I could do better if it was a better topic, rather then 'Celebrity'..but I could manage. One life lesson I could take from this project was: 'Don't expect people to always fix the messes you made'. Although, this was not a mess. This was art! I was extremely surprised by the out come of others, they were spectacular! Overall this project was not my best but was really fun T heart. Honestly.

Pop art sensation

The pop print was something that I have done within the past and a fun time doing so. The item that I choose was a small blue plastic basket, it seemed easy to draw but a pain to carve. So I thought it as a semi-hard challenge. I had originally wanted to go with a different item, but I had a sudden change of mind. This item seemed unique and plain at the same time to me. After I carved and printed the stamp enough to get me a tad bored with it, so my friend and I decided to take the printing a new way. We took the colors of the rainbow and ran them over the stamp and printed it. It was honestly beautiful to me and I loved it a lot. After that I was no longer bored with the stamp, more like, intrigued. I wanted to do more stamps afterward but sadly, we were done with said project.Overall I really enjoyed this project. Very fun.