Thursday, January 23, 2014

Art x 3 = Creativity

This has to be one of the most unique projects I have ever done it an art class. My first piece of art I don't even remember what it looks like or the color scheme. But I remember I tried to put heart into it. When we had to give up the first part of this project I was a bit upset, I was getting quite attached to it. But when I got my second piece I realized I'd have to take this a different angle then the first one. It was a bit incomplete and barely had any work put into it. I could not do much to this but I could help it just a bit. (It was kinda suffering). I didn't really make it much better then before. Just added more pictures. Then the last part was most difficult, I felt like I lost most of my creative side and felt like I was getting sidetracked with this part of the project. I was not happy with the outcome, I think I could do better if it was a better topic, rather then 'Celebrity'..but I could manage. One life lesson I could take from this project was: 'Don't expect people to always fix the messes you made'. Although, this was not a mess. This was art! I was extremely surprised by the out come of others, they were spectacular! Overall this project was not my best but was really fun T heart. Honestly.

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