Friday, November 15, 2013

What does our blue collection say about us?

To start our collection is very unique in many ways. Pretty much everything in this collection is a shade blue and it just stands out as if it was a blob of blue, but when you look at this collection more carefully you can see that this collection is not of one thing but many things of the same color. You can see things that most people would never put in a collection or would just throw away. This collection shows that our class is ready to explore the world of art in many ways that it can. Our inspiration came from multiple places to do this project. This project actually inspires me to draw in one color, but multiple shades. This group project just makes me feel really happy inside, Blue is my favorite color. I know that Blue is the color of sadness but I prefer it over all of the others. This color may have a different effect on people but to me.. it just makes me feel..happy! This does not reflect on my personal tastes to much, mainly it's because I don't collect much stuff.  Portia Munson is a collection of many things of the same color and puts them together to make one mini land on color and wonder. What were doing now is very similar to her work, but we have less things as of now and nothing is glued down. But as time goes on the collection will get bigger and more creative.

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